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Erin Greene is the main deuteragonist in the Netflix original horror series Midnight Mass. She is portrayed by Kate Siegel.

Pregnant with her first child, Erin returns to Crockett Island after escaping an abusive relationship. More than just a woman of faith, Erin is kind and open-hearted, being among the few to welcome Riley back to the island.

She ran away at sixteen. She wanted to be a movie star. She did drugs and got married. She stopped doing drugs and realized she married an awful person. He was just like her mom who was abusive. Her mother was an alcoholic who would hit her, call her names, and say she ruined her life when she was born. Her mom bought doves and wanted to clip their wings and told her seven year old daughter that everyone gets their wings clipped. She found out she was pregnant and moved back to Crockett Island. She moved back into her mom's house and worked at her mom's teaching position. Her mom died in the spring before the show started. No one knew her mom was an alcoholic and abusive.


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