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Riley Flynn is the main protagonist of the Netflix original horror series Midnight Mass. He is portrayed by Zach Gilford.

Despite being raised on Crockett Island, specifically in St. Patrick's, his religious beliefs remain undecided. Riley is an outsider and only returns after serving time in prison for killing a young girl in a drunk driving accident. Ridden with guilt, he sees her nightly, standing before him ghostly and covered in blood and glass and flashing police lights.

He moved to Chicago and became an alcoholic. He was drinking and driving and fell asleep at the wheel. He hit another car and killed a young girl. He was arrested and was put in prison for four years. He got out and moved back to Crockett Island with his family. He told his parents that "church isn't for me." His father got mad and told him that he was going to church every Sunday.


Season 1[]